Despite water inflow after heavy rainfall, dams only by 11.8% full

Recent heavy rainfall lead to a great quantity of water flowing into the dams, but despite that, dams are only by 11,8% full.

In statements to CNA, Fedros Rousis from the Water Development Department said that in the last three days 550,000 cubic meters had flowed into the dams, while from the 1st of December until today water inflow reached 2.4 million cubic meters. He pointed out that last December the inflow was only 881.000 cubic meters.

Despite the fact that inflow is better this December than last year, storage is still low reaching 11,8% with 34.3 million cubic meters.

Rousis said that last year storage was 38.7 million cubic meters and stood at 13,3%.

“We are below the quantities of last year in terms of storage”, he said, but noted that water inflow is better than last year.

Concluding, he expressed the view that the situation will improve as more rainfall is expected.

Source: Cyprus News Agency