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HEALTH: Cyprus confirms four cases of Western Nile virus

The Cyprus Health Ministry's has confirmed four cases of the Western Nile virus transmitted by infected mosquitoes.In a statement, it said that one case is being treated at the Intensive Care Unit of Nicosia General Hospital, another in the pathology

GREECE: Tributes pour in for Cypriot woman who fell to her death in Ikaria

Natalie Christopher, a British-Cypriot woman, found at the bottom of a ravine on the island of Ikaria after going missing for two days, died as the result of a fall, said a Greek coroner.The 34-year-old, who was last seen going

GREECE: Missing Cypriot woman found dead in isolated spot

The body of a British-Cypriot woman, who was last seen going for a run on Monday, was found in a ravine close to where she was staying on the Greek island of Ikaria, according to reports.Natalie Christopher, 34, an astrophysicist

Natalie Christopher found dead in Ikaria

Natalie Christopher a 35-year old British citizen of Cypriot origin who was missing since Monday was found dead in the Greek island of Ikaria, where she was on vacation with her Cypriot partner.The Hellenic Police announced that the 35-year old

Spring 2019 Eurobarometer: 47% of citizens in Cyprus have positive image of the EU

A 47% of the citizens in Cyprus have a positive image of the EU, according to the Spring 2019 Standard Eurobarometer.According to a press release issued Monday by the European Commission in Cyprus, a new Eurobarometer survey released today shows

CYPRUS: Nicosia wants EU to relocate a ‘significant number’ of migrants

Cypriot Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides will send a request to Brussels asking for a significant number of individuals granted protection in Cyprus be relocated to other EU countries.He said there was an uncontrollable inflow of migrants from t...