China debates pre-school education law

China is mulling a law prohibiting kindergartens from taking enrollment tests.

The draft law was proposed in parliament on Monday.

The draft law stressed that pre-schoolers’ main focus should be on playing games, while kindergartens play a crucial role in instilling moral values, good behavior, safety awareness, and physical health, Beijing-based China Daily reported.

Competitions that do not align with the mental and physical developmental stage of kindergarten students should be avoided, it said.

Kindergarten teachers must have teaching credentials and pass background and health checks prior to employment, it added.

China’s Education Minister Huai Jinpeng said despite rapid advancements, preschool education remains a “weak line” of the nation’s educational framework.

The Standing Committee of the 14th National People’s Congress began its session on Monday and will conclude by Friday.

Draft laws are usually passed in three readings.

Source: Anadolu Agency