Cabinet approves bills for operation of a WHO country office in Cyprus

The Cabinet on Wednesday approved the bills for the Operation of a Country Office of the World Health Organization in Cyprus, a written statement by Health Minister Popi Kanari says.

The bills will be submitted to the House of Representatives and with their approval the path will open for the funding of the Office and the recruitment of staff.

Kanari said in her statement that the thematic priorities for technical support from the WHO Office have already been set, which include the preparation for dealing with a possible health crisis, ensuring the sustainability of the General Healthcare System (GHS), the drafting of the national strategy for mental health and the treatment of hospital infections and antimicrobial resistance.

According to the statement, for each of these priorities, an action plan in underway.

She said that we look forward to an even closer cooperation with the WHO through the country office which will upgrade our health services provided to the citizens and will promote new strategies in new area

Source: Cyprus News Agency