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ENTERTAINMENT: Netflix increases subscription for Cyprus and elsewhere

Following increases in the US, Netflix has raised package prices offered to subscribers in Cyprus the rest of Europe, Middle East and Africa.The increase will not affect the basic package of Euros 7.99, which will remain at the same price.

President Anastasiades satisfied with EPP support, met separately with Tsipras and Mitsotakis

The President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, expressed his satisfaction with the strong position of the European Peoples Party on the side of Cyprus. President Anastasiades took part in the summit of leaders of the European Peoples Party ahead of the

Beer deliveries down 6.4% in January-May 2019

Beer deliveries reached 13.42 million liters between January and May 2019, down 6.4% compared to the same period last year.The decrease is mainly attributed to local consumption in the first five months of the year, that reached 12.66 million liters,

AFIS goal for 2019 is to collect 90 tons of batteries

AFIS organisation's goal for 2019 is to collect 90 tons of batteries, its President Chris Christodoulou said, addressing an event recently on the occasion of its 10-year anniversary.The event took place in the Leventis Gallery in the presence of office...

Nicosia’s history showcased in “Cypriot Miniatures” event in Berlin

An event showcasing the history of Nicosia, was organised recently by the Cypriot Embassy in Berlin, marking 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany's reunification as well as 45 years from the Turkish invasion of Cyprus,

The current status quo is unsustainable, says Slovakia’s FM

The current status quo is unsustainable, said Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Miroslav Lajcak and urged the international community not to allow a solution beyond the framework set by the UNSC resolutions and the UN