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COVID19: Hotels, bars, cafes feel lockdown squeeze

Limassol and Paphos hotels, bars and restaurants have sounded the alarm calling for more government support to keep coronavirus-struck businesses alive until the health crisis is over.   Following the lockdown decision, the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed

COVID19: Police boost checks on gyms, entertainment venues

Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou has instructed officers to step up checks on establishments for possible violation of COVID-19 rules, as the force comes under criticism for not doing enough to prevent contagion.   While health authorities believe the resurgence of

COVID19: Big weddings, festivals remain on ice

Cyprus health authorities told mass event organisers of weddings, concerts and festivals to hold-off for now as a date for lifting COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings has been delayed post-September.   Big event organisers were told earlier in June, by

When out of town shopping becomes congested

It is a fact of life that most towns suffer from traffic congestion problems, as well as difficult accessibility to destinations and lack of parking.It is also a fact the recently acquired attraction by Cypriot shoppers for malls with their

Olivewood’s future looks dimmer

The future of a Cyprus film incentive scheme to attract producers from Hollywood and other bigtime productions looks blurry as its 2020 budget was shackled by MPs.After a heated discussion among MPs, parliament gave the green light for the Euros

Cyprus wants MPs to release EUR 9 mln for Hollywood film

The Finance Ministry has urgently requested that parliament to release Euros 9 mln in reimbursements owed to martial arts film Jiu Jitsu, partly shot in Cyprus featuring Hollywood star Nicolas Cage.The Hollywood movie has reportedly finished post-produ...