Kazakhstan claims netting group attempting coup

Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee (KNSC) announced on Wednesday that a group of people was arrested in the republic on charges of attempted coup. “On Nov. 15, 2023, the KNSC in coordination with the Prosecutor General’s Office neutralized cells of a radical religious group in the cities of Astana, Atyrau and Zhezkazgan as part of a pre-trial investigation,” the national security said in a statement. The arrested people are suspected of terrorism propaganda, the formation of an extremist group, and taking part in its activities, it noted. “Twelve of (the group’s) members were detained simultaneously. According to investigators, they pursued the goal of overthrowing the secular system in Kazakhstan. To do this, they spread extremist ideology and recruited new supporters,” it said. While searching the suspects’ homes, the statement said law enforcement found prohibited literature and evidence. “A number of members of the group have a criminal record for committing serious crimes, including the murde
r of a police officer, banditry, robbery, heist, theft and rape,” it said. Kazakhstan, according to the country’s constitution, is a secular state.

Source: EN – Anadolu Agency