Trkiye’s stent graft successfully placed on patient

Trkiye’s domestically produced stent graft was put to use for the first time on Thursday. The stent graft was placed on a patient under the supervision of top Turkish doctors Cengiz Koksal and Emre Selcuk. Invamed research group collaborated with Artven ltd. for the project. Stent graft production is only carried out by five countries worldwide. The latest development is a testament to Trkiye’s progress in healthcare technologies in the global arena. Vascular stiffness is emerging as a growing issue among the elderly population, Invamed said in a statement. This issue arises from the hardening and narrowing of blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow, particularly causing blockages in leg arteries. However, technological advancements have led to substantial innovations in this field, particularly through angiography. Balloon angioplasty, stents, and vascular shaving techniques are among the leading treatments. One of the greatest innovations in this area is the stent graft technology. In order to treat ballooning or injuries within blood vessels, a stent graft is placed inside the artery to provide support and restore proper blood flow. ‘We are immensely proud to be part of Turkey’s success in the medical field. The Atlas Stent Graft is a testament to the advanced level of Turkish engineering and medical innovation,’ said Selcuk in a statement.

Source: Anadolu Agency