Presidential Commissioner calls for Registry of Doctors of the diaspora

Among the common goals is to set up of a Registry of Doctors of the diaspora which will benefit all countries where overseas Greeks are located, said on Saturday Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou.

He was addressing the 1st Aristotle Medical Forum organised in Thessaloniki where he underlined that the forum lays strong foundations for the connection of distinguished diaspora scientists from all over the world.

He said it was a unique conference with great participation of researchers, scientists and professors from all over the world who will contribute to better organising and making use of the diaspora through a fruitful exchange of views and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

Photiou said he fully shares the view of the organising committee, the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the conference can lead to, innovative synergies between Greeks abroad but also with the metropolis, to highlight the remarkable potential it has.

It is common understanding that the Greeks of the diaspora have excelled and enjoy the respect and appreciation of all their fellow citizens in their local communities. These people, he added, have adapted under adverse conditions, learnt new languages, raised families and developed strong business, academic and social activity without becoming culturally alienated.

We pay special attention to credible academics and doctors of our diaspora who have built careers overseas but still have their homeland in their hearts and are also effective ambassadors.

He added that one of the common goals is to create a Registry of Doctors of our Diaspora, who live abroad, with multiple benefits both for our countries and for expatriates in the countries where they are located. It should be noted, he said, that an effort was launched to bring together Cypriot doctors of our Diaspora and one such example is the Cyprus Medical Society UK, that aims to bring together Cypriot doctors working in the UK.

Overseas Hellenism maintains personalities at various levels, political, social, economic and other and can play a dynamic role in issues concerning Hellenism, he added.

Source: Cyprus News Agency