NATO set to launch its largest-ever air exercise in Europe

NATO countries will launch their largest-ever air exercise next week to test their readiness in the event of a conflict in Europe.

Around 250 military aircraft from 25 nations, including the US, Germany, and Trkiye, will take part in the ‘Air Defender 23’ exercise, authorities announced on Friday.

The fighter jets will conduct defensive maneuvers in German and European air space from June 12 to 23.

Turkish fighter pilot Colonel Ersin Ozmen told Anadolu that the Turkish Air Force will participate in the exercise with three F-16 jets and over 50 military personnel.

‘The objective of Air Defender 23 is to improve interoperability and cooperation among the forces of NATO allies,’ he said at an event at the Schleswig-Jagel Air Base.

German Air Force chief Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz told reporters that all preparations have been completed.

‘Forces from 25 nations are ready to launch this military exercise on Monday,’ he said.

During the exercise, aircraft from NATO allies and partner nations will be deployed at various air bases across Germany.

The US has sent over 100 aircraft and 2,000 military personnel to Germany for the exercise.

Source: Anadolu Agency