2 irregular migrants found dead off southern Spain

Two irregular migrants were found dead after their arrival in southern Spain via small boats, according to local media on Friday.

Citing local authorities, Spain’s EFE news agency reported that some 137 irregular migrants arrived on the coast of Andalusia via two boats, while another 154 individuals arrived in the Canary Islands in the past 24 hours.

According to the Spanish Coast Guard, two of them disembarked from the boat and tragically lost their lives while attempting to reach the coast by swimming.

Authorities stated that they had received information from other migrants suggesting that several more individuals had drowned in a similar manner. However, despite conducting a helicopter search, no further casualties have been found thus far.

The report said some of the migrants, all of whom were Moroccan citizens, were hospitalized upon their arrival on the coast of Andalusia. The migrants had traveled on two boats carrying 65 and 72 people respectively. The hospitalizations were reportedly due to reasons such as thirst.

Meanwhile, another 154 irregular migrants arrived in El Hierro, the smallest island in the Canary Islands. This marks the seventh arrival to the island in the past three weeks.

Source: Anadolu Agency