House President receives EU Commissioner Dalli

House President Annita Demetriou on Thursday met with EU Commissioner for equality Helena Dalli who is in Cyprus for the IDAHOT + Forum 2022 which takes place in the coastal town of Limassol.

Dalli spoke of the importance of women and young people to be nominated for state positions as it happened with the Cyprus Parliament.

She said that this is the way to transfer modern ideas in the society which translate later into laws for equality and diversity.

During the meeting Dalli and the House President discussed issues related to gender equality, diversity, women participation in policy making and ways to raise awareness in the society for these matters.

Demetriou informed the Commissioner on the actions and decisions taken by the Parliament to tackle domestic violence, sex abuse and femicides.

She said that the citizens expect a lot from the Parliament and therefore there is still progress to be made.

Source: Cyprus News Agency