Cyprus reports 4 deaths and 3.598 new COVID cases last week, 90 people in hospital and positivity rate at 5,81%

Cyprus Health Ministry announced that last week 4 deaths and 3.598 new COVID cases were reported. At the same time 90 people are getting treatment in hospitals while positivity rate now stands at 5.81%.

The deceased are 3 males and one female aged from 85 to 93 years. Total deaths since the pandemic broke out in Cyprus is 1.262 and the number of cases reached 634.709.

The Ministry said that 90 patients are in hospital and 12 are in serious condition (5 are intubated and 7 are in an ACU). Moreover 3 patients who are no longer infectious are still intubated in an ICU.

A total of 61.914 tests were carried out. PCR were 2.054 and 256 cases were reported (positivity rate 12.46%). Rapid Test number was 59.860 and 3.342 cases were recorded (PR 5.58%). The Ministry added that 1.361 PCR were done on private initiative and 148 came back positive (PR 10.87%). Rapid tests were 38.257 and 3.118 cases were detected (PR 8.15%).

Via testing programs by the Ministry, a total of 21.603 rapid tests were carried out and 224 cases were detected while at testing points the rapid tests were 14.864 and 172 were positive (PR 1.16%). In nursing homes 50 cases were detected from 5.358 rapid tests (PR 0.93%) and in closed units in a total of 1.381 tests, 2 came back positive (PR 0.14%).

Source: Cyprus News Agency