Cyprus Health Ministry expects news within the day about possibility of earlier EU delivery of monkeypox vaccine doses

There may be news within the day about the possibility of the EU vaccine sharing mechanism expediting the process of the delivery of doses of the vaccine against monkeypox to Cyprus, Communications Advisor to the Minister of Health, Konstantinos Athanasiou, told CNA on Friday.

Responding to a question on the matter by CNA, Athanasiou said that in the context of actions by the Health Ministry to secure earlier some doses of the vaccine, “there is an indication” that the delivery process for doses of the vaccine against monkeypox from the EU vaccine sharing mechanism, will be expedited. Cyprus expects to receive 1,400 doses of the vaccine towards the end of August but the Government is trying to get some doses before that.

“We expect that within the next few hours we will know if some vaccines will come to us in the next few days,” he noted.

He also said that, at the same time, the Health Minister has made contacts with other countries, to secure some doses, and that there has been positive response as regards helping Cyprus, but that they first await the response of the EU.

Athanasiou also said that the health condition of the patient who is being treated at the Nicosia General Hospital with symptoms of monkeypox – the first diagnosed case in Cyprus – was good according to the doctors, while it is being monitored and evaluated.

Source: Cyprus News Agency