Cyprus Health Ministry announces 12 deaths and 3,444 COVID cases between 29/4-5/5, 60 patients in hospital

Cyprus Health Ministry announced 12 deaths, 3,444 new COVID cases and 60 hospitalisations for the week between 29 April and 5 May.

The announcement, on Friday, says that a total of 354,720 were carried out.

The deceased are 7 women and 5 men ages between 63 years and 95 who lost their lives between December 2020 and April 2022.

The total deaths since the pandemic broke out are 1,027 and of cases 483,664. Of the 60 patients who are receiving hospital treatment island-wide, 16 are in serious condition of whom 6 are intubated and 9 are in an ICU. Figures show that 43.34% of the patients are unvaccinated. Moreover the Ministry said that 12 patients who are no longer infectious, are still intubated in an ICU.

The positivity rate now stands at 0.97%. A total of 12,049 PCR tests were carried out and 417 cases were diagnosed (positivity rate PR 3.46%). The rapid tests were 342,671 and 3,027 cases were detected (PR 0.88%).

In the framework of contact tracing a total of 190 PCR tests were conducted and 10 cases were diagnosed (PR 5.26%). On private initiative the PCR tests were 5,090 and 297 cases were detected (PR 5.83%). Moreover, 153,975 rapid tests were carried out and 1,925 cases were detected (PR 1.25%).

Via the Health Ministry’s testing programs 188,696 rapid tests were done and 1,102 came back positive. At testing units the rapid tests were 132,789 and 1,018 cases were detected (PR 0.77%). In elementary schools the rapid tests were 24,902, 24 cases were detected (PR 0.1%), while in high schools 20 cases were detected from 18,249 rapid tests (PR0.11%).

Through the test-to-stay program 2 cases were diagnosed from 409 tests (PR 0.49%) while in special schools 1,029 tests were carried out and no case was reported.

Moreover in nursing homes 5,843 rapid tests were conducted and 35 came back positive (PR 0.6%), in closed units 3 cases were diagnosed from a total of 5,450 tests (PR 0.06%) while in the army no case was detected in 25 tests.

Source: Cyprus News Agency