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Households internet access and use up in 2018

Households internet access was up in 2018 by 6,8%, while online orders for goods or services was down by 1.1% in the first quarter of this year on an annual basis.During 2018, there has been a significant increase in internet

Cyprus problem and Eastern Mediterranean discussed during Greece-US strategic dialogue

The Cyprus problem and the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean were discussed during the Greece-US strategic dialogue launced on Thursday in Washington, focusing on regional defense, security and energy.Greeces Alternate Foreign Minister Giorgos Kat...

President defends Cyprus’ Investment Programme in European Parliament

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday defended his government's investment programme aimed at attracting investments to Cyprus, following criticism by members of the European Parliament, during the debate on the Future of Europe.The Presi...

Greece, Cyprus and Israel discuss a new strategy on diaspora issues in Nicosia

Young people from Greece, Cyprus, Israel will visit the three countries next summer in a joint tour, while heads of the three countries on diaspora issues will meet at the end of February in Israel, as it was decided Wednesday

Despite water inflow after heavy rainfall, dams only by 11.8% full

Recent heavy rainfall lead to a great quantity of water flowing into the dams, but despite that, dams are only by 11,8% full.In statements to CNA, Fedros Rousis from the Water Development Department said that in the last three days

International seminar against hate rhetoric on the internet takes place in Larnaka

Thirty-six people who work in volunteering organisations from 10 countries took part in a seminar entitled "Training on human rights against hate rhetoric on the internet", between December 1st and 9th, in Larnaka.The seminar was organised on the occas...