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COVID19: Single Cyprus case at Limassol Marina spa

Cyprus health authorities confirmed only one new COVID-19 case on Monday, after seven the previous day, involving an employee at a spa and fitness centre at Limassol Marina.   The positive case was detected from 942 laboratory tests carried out

COVID19: Cyprus new case linked to Bulgaria flight

Cyprus health authorities confirmed another new case of COVID-19 on Wednesday which involves a person returning to Cyprus from Bulgaria last month. The new positive case was identified from 1,204 tests, bringing total COVID-19 infections since the outbreak in March to 999.

COVID19: Cyprus cases double but still in single digits

Cyprus has contained the coronavirus outbreak but the number of confirmed cases doubled on Wednesday to six from three the previous day, the Health Ministry announced.   The six new cases of COVID-19 were identified from 2,982 tests taking total

COVID19: Cyprus cases shoot up again, tourist list revised excluding Britain, Russia

Cyprus reported eight new coronavirus cases on Sunday, mostly from repatriated Cypriots, a day after the island celebrated zero COVID-19 cases for the first time since the outbreak on March 9.   The Ministry of Health said of the 365

COVID19: Cyprus cases nudge back up to 922

Cyprus health authorities on Wednesday announced a rise in new COVID-19 cases from one the previous day to four, as the island prepares to unshackle itself from lockdown.   The four new cases were located among 1,984 coronavirus tests taking

COVID19: Free tests for judges, lawyers, court officials

Cyprus’ cabinet on Tuesday decided to offer 500 free COVID-19 tests to be performed on judges, lawyers and court officials.   The decision was taken after consultations between the Justice and Health Ministers and with the agreement of the Supreme