WHR Introduces New Enterprise Business Intelligence Tool to Serve Clients

MILWAUKEE, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WHR Global (WHR), a leader in the global employee relocation industry, announced release of its newest enterprise business intelligence tool specifically designed to serve its customers’ growing needs. The new tool, called WHR Insights, is a series of interactive data visualizations embedded into the WHR Client Portal that can be customized to each client’s relocation programs, benefits, policies and other KPIs. WHR Insights analyzes data on employee spend (e.g., household goods shipments), survey satisfaction, policy exceptions, and individual components. The tool, free to all clients, facilitates clients making better decisions on where to relocate employees; what level of housing and other benefits to provide; and how to give the best overall support to employees during a relocation or assignment transition.

Watch a short video about WHR Insights here.

By using WHR Insights, mobility and HR teams can optimize programs, ensuring they are providing the best possible support to employees during the relocation or assignment process and in turn, increase employee satisfaction and retention. New data is refreshed nightly, allowing clients to view data in real time.

According to WHR’s Strategic Initiatives Manager, Sean Thrun, “WHR Insights is the latest addition to our client technology suite. We believe interactive data analytics should be the norm in global mobility, not the exception. Through WHR Insights, all stakeholders can make informed decisions that are crucial to the success of their mobility programs. Procurement can track diversity spend, employee satisfaction and more when calculating at-risk fees per the master services agreement. Finance teams can view relocation budget forecasts and accruals, filtering by cost center or division and exporting the data instantly for further manipulation in Excel. Mobility teams start by choosing dashboard templates prebuilt by WHR, whether it’s core-flex component utilization, household goods only, budget vs. actual, lump sum, policy exceptions, initiations, employee satisfaction or home sale. Then, we customize each dashboard to your program, policy and organizational structure at your request.

“With WHR Insights, companies can make informed decisions that benefit both the employee and the organization, leading to improved retention rates and increased productivity. In today’s competitive business landscape, having the right solution set like WHR Insights can give companies a strategic advantage in employee relocation.”

About WHR Global
WHR Global (WHR) is a private, client-driven global relocation management company distinguished by its best-in-class service delivery and cutting-edge, proprietary technology. WHR has offices in Milwaukee, Wis., Basel, Switzerland, and Singapore. With its 100% client retention rate for the past decade, WHR continues to position itself as the trusted leader in global employee relocation. WHR lives by its vision and passion for Advancing Lives Forward® and Making the Complex Simple. To learn more about WHR, visit http://www.whrg.com, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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