We share parents concern for young people’s careers, Education Minister says

An “important project” has been launched to match curricula in higher and secondary education with current and future labour market data, Cyprus’ Minister of Education, Sport and Youth, Prodromos Prodromou said, during his visit at a careers event organised on Saturday by his ministry and the secondary education parents’ federation, in Nicosia.

In his address at the event, and in statements later to the media, Prodromou referred to an “important project”, which is included in the national, ‘Cyprus – Tomorrow’ recovery and resilience plan, to match study programmes in the tertiary, but also secondary education with today’s and future labour market data.

The Minister said that, research was launched, starting from the study of graduates’ path, but also, in collaboration with other agencies, in order to determine more precisely, what are the needs in society, in the labour market, not only today but also in the future, so that both higher education institutions and schools can better adapt their programmes and focus on subjects, “depending on how the world and the labour market evolve”.

Referring to the career day, Prodromou said that the primary goal of schools is to shape “complete personalities”, and young people who have all the necessary knowledge and skills, so that they can then cope in society and in a competitive world.

He noted that his Ministry has “the same concern and care” as parents to help young people choose their career path.

Shipping Deputy Minister, Vassilios Demetriades, who also addressed the event, said, that in the last 10 years the number of shipping companies based in Cyprus has tripled.

Recently, together with the Ministry of Education, he said, they have formulated some strategies and campaigns to give children the opportunity to get to know the shipping industry “and to love and appreciate the contribution of this industry to Cyprus and the huge prospects for employment, both on land as well as at sea.”

Demetriades also said that shipping has a multidimensional character, and expressed the belief that, in the coming years, young people, whatever they study, be it law, mathematics, economics, marine engineering, or if they choose merchant marine academies, “they can join the great shipping family of Cyprus with very high salaries, and have a successful career.”

Source: Cyprus News Agency