Trkiye’s economic policies to bring foreign investments back: US economist

LONDON: Trkiye has changed its economic policies, garnering attention from investors worldwide, said US investor and financial expert Jim Rogers, adding that foreign investors will ‘come back but it takes a while.’

‘If Trkiye can show us that they are doing the right thing now, investors will come back,’ Rogers told Anadolu.

He stated that although he owned Turkish stocks in the past, he currently does not, as he has not watched the Turkish market lately.

‘But maybe I should be buying (Turkish stocks) again, I don’t know,’ said Rogers.

He noted that investors would like to see that regulations are implemented.

‘Most international investors now will be watching what Trkiye does. If Trkiye is doing sound economics, then it will be probably a very good investment,’ he added.

As for the US and Chinese stocks, Rogers emphasized that the former are at an all-time high, possibly to rise further, compared to the latter.

‘But when something is an all-time high and you see problems starting to develop like infla
tion, interest rates, I start to stay away,’ said Rogers.

He mentioned that China has a major housing problem, still under the influence of the pandemic.

‘China is cheap, the market is down, and I would rather look at a market that is down instead of up,’ he added.

Source: Anadolu Agency