The first Limassol Book Fair is coming to Limassol this November

Under the auspices of the Limassol Municipality, and in conjunction with a host of strategic partners from the private and public sector, the organizing team of the Limassol Book Fair announces the first annual book fair in Limassol. The event will be held on November 25-27, 2022 at Carob Mills venue, in the historic medieval castle area of Limassol.

According to a press release, the fair, whose core theme for this year is Bridges, aims at attractingbook industry professionals, publishers, booksellers, municipalities, cultural institutions, authors, artists, children, adults, parents and book lovers. Entrance to the public is free.

It is noted that the Limassol Book Fair aims at stimulating all areas of the local book industry, such as publishing, book-selling, printing and production (physical and electronic), online and offline marketing, editorial and other literary areas. In addition, the event aspires to hold an industry-specific event focusing on challenges facing the local and regional book sector.

Furthermore, the Limassol Book Fair will bring together people from the field of books, publications, culture and letters including publishing houses, booksellers, professionals and speakers from abroad, cultural and research institutions, governmental entities, embassies, municipalities, universities, literary associations and other organized cultural associations. All exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their work, exchange ideas and practices, expand their network, and join forces to further stimulate book culture and highlight local industry production.

In addition, the exhibition will consist of more than 50 exhibition stands and 10 kiosks of sponsors and partners. More than 20 presentations and panel discussions will be held on the main stage of the exhibition, along with 1 industry event, 1 VIP cocktail event, 1 poetry slam and other artistic events, while more than 30 speakers from Cyprus and abroad will attend.

More information coming soon on the Limassol Book Fair homepage.

Source: Cyprus News Agency