School reopening cause for hope says Mattarella

The reopening of Italian schools is always cause for hope, President Sergio Mattarella said Monday.

“The reopening of the school year has always been an opportunity, a strong reason for common commitment, a reason for hope”, he said as he inaugurated the opening of the school year in Forlì.

“School marks the year not only of young people, but also of families, communities, cities and towns,” the Head of State observed.

“It is the path towards our future,” he declared.

The reopening of schools in Romagna, hit by devastating floods earlier this year, was a special mark of resistance and resilience, said the president.

Mattarella,opening schools in Romagna a sign of resistance “The school year is opening in these lands on schedule, despite the damage suffered by the structures. It is a strong and concrete sign of tenacity and resistance.

“The opening here today represents a message of unaltered closeness to the people of Romagna.

“In the days following the floods, many volunteers from all over Italy grabbed shovels, brooms and buckets.

“Their contribution was invaluable in the fight against the mud and in demonstrating a culture of solidarity”.

Source: Ansa News Agency (ANA)