President holds meetings with Cabinet members for priorities of new government

President Nikos Christodoulides continues his meetings with Ministers and Deputy Ministers in order to discuss the new government’s priorities.

Meetings began on Friday, will continue today and are set to conclude on Monday.

According to CNA sources, the priorities based on the government’s programme and specific goals for the first 100 days as well as the preparation of action plans for the implementation of the entire programme, are on the agenda.

This programme will be presented, within the framework of accountability and transparency, by each Minister and Deputy Minister.

Particular emphasis is placed on the need for a human-centered approach, as well as good management. The President is giving direction at these meetings on the important reforms that the Ministries and Deputy Ministries have before them as priorities and there is an overview of open issues that the new Government took over and which should be immediately addressed.

President Chistodoulides places special attention to the fact that everything needs to be done within the framework of maintaining fiscal discipline and has also called for a strict adherence to timely decision-making, coordination and implementation, as well as close cooperation with the Parliament.

Instructions are given for the preparation and updating of civil protection plans in cases of emergency.

Present at these meetings is Irene Piki, Deputy Minister to the President responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the government programme.

Source: Cyprus News Agency