President-elect Christodoulides ready to cooperate with employers federation to address common challenges

President-elect, Nikos Christodoulides, expressed his readiness on Tuesday to work together with the Federation of Employers and Industrialists (OEB) to address the challenges facing the State and the business world, during a visit to the Federation’s offices.

In statements upon his arrival, Christodoulides said that his presence there was a sign of appreciation and recognition of OEB’s timeless role in the economy and the country.

Christodoulides said that he considers that they have common goals, and common aspirations “for our homeland, for the future of our country”, and assured that, there will be a continuous dialogue, to face together the common challenges.

President of the Board of Directors of OEB, Antonis Antoniou, thanked Christodoulides for his visit.

In a statement after the meeting, OEB said that, Christodoulides met with the leadership of the Organisation during a regular session of the Executive Committee.

It is noted that, Antoniou, assured Christodoulides that OEB will be by his side to contribute to the achievement of the Government’s goals for the benefit of both businesses and employees.

Source: Cyprus News Agency