Police carry out terrorist attack drill in shopping mall

Police said on Tuesday they were satisfied with the terrorist attack drill “Zenon 2022” carried out at Metropolis Mall in the coastal city of Larnaka.

Larnaka Police Press spokesperson Harris Hadjiyiasemi told the media that the drill’s scenario entailed a terrorist attack by two armed individuals who fired shots at the shopping center, resulting in the activation of all the involved services concerned with the safety of both citizens and staff.

As a result of the attack, according to the scenario, one person was killed and one was injured.

Hadjiyiasemi told the press that the aim was for the staff of the shopping center to get to know what to do and how to react in such an event . At the same time, the effectiveness of the services involved was also assessed.

“We think we have done pretty well, but we think there’s always room for improvement”, he said.

Filios Nikolaou, manager of the Metropolis Mall facilities said that the drill was carried out in the framework of security and health procedures of the shopping center for events such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks etc.

He said that they also wanted to get the feedback of all services engaged.

Source: Cyprus News Agency