Permanent Secretary of Deputy Ministry for Research attended the Research and Space Policy Council of the EU

The Director General of the State Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Dr. Stelios Chimonas, participated in the EU Research and Space Policy Council, which took place on Friday in Brussels.

According to an official statement, the ministers held an orientation debate on issues relating to research, focusing on the role of science in policy-making in all sectors of the economy and society in general.

They also exchanged views on the development of initiatives and promotion of actions at European level, such as financial and technical support to Member States.

During his intervention, Dr. Chimonas welcomed the formulation of the relevant working document by the European Commission and presented the initiatives and actions undertaken in Cyprus for the promotion of Science and the shaping of a culture of Research and Innovation. He also referred to the horizontal dimension of Research and Innovation and its importance for the formulation and implementation of sectoral policies, with emphasis on priorities related to the Digital and Green Transition.

In Cyprus, he pointed out, the use of science in policy formulation is promoted through the structures of the National Governance System for Research and Innovation, namely through the institution of the Chief Scientist, the National Research and Innovation Council and through the Committee of Research and Innovation Coordinators of the Ministries. As he explained, both the Chief Scientist and the Coordinators Committee, in which all Ministries/departments are represented, support policy formulation and the promotion of Research and Innovation capacities to policy makers.

Dr. Chimonas also referred to the European Commission’s processes for science-based policy formulation and invited the Commission to facilitate the exchange of expertise and good practices on the use of Science in policy making through the organisation of high-level meetings and other joint training sessions for Member States.

Dr. Chimonas also expressed support for the initiative of the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council (2nd semester 2023) to continue the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership “PRIMA” after 2024, noting that the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation is a priority for our country.

The Council also adopted Conclusions on Research Infrastructures which highlight the need for long-term, sustainable investments within the European Research Infrastructure ecosystem. In addition, Conclusions were also adopted on the New European Innovation Agenda, which aims at sustainable recovery, accelerating the Digital and Green Transition and Europe’s technological dominance. A Council Recommendation on guiding principles for the exploitation of knowledge was also adopted.

Furthermore, the 27 held a debate on the exploitation of EU space data. In particular, the “27” exchanged views on how to better and more widely manage and exploit EU space data and services in the markets, as well as to promote EU and national policies. Particular emphasis was placed on issues of coordination between the EU and Member States, and in relation to regulatory and administrative barriers that hinder the uptake of EU space services at European or national level.

In his intervention, Dr. Chimonas informed partners that the Republic of Cyprus could not become a member of EUMETSAT due to the refusal of Turkey (already a member of the organisation) to approve its application, thus preventing Cyprus from having full access to the relevant data. In this context, he called on the EU – which funds EUMETSAT through its contribution to the development of the Copernicus Programme – to take immediate action.

Source: Cyprus News Agency