Our aim was to build a state for the needs of the citizens, President says at 2022 State Architecture Awards

President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has said that the government’s goal was to build a state that meets and serves the needs of citizens, adding that he was satisfied that despite the challenges, he will deliver an economy built on solid foundations and more flexible state apparatus.

Addressing the award ceremony and opening of the exhibition of the 2022 State Architecture Awards, that took place on Monday at the Presidential Palace, the President noted that he is particularly satisfied since, as he said, “despite the multiple challenges we have faced, next month we will deliver an economy built on solid foundations and, through the reforms we have adopted, a modern and more flexible state apparatus ready to respond to any possible crises.”

The government, he pointed out, has taken measures against the crises and the recession and added that as a result of those measures adopted, “a large number of investments was recorded, an increase in both sales and planning and building permits, while high employment rates and a reduction of unemployment were achieved.”

The President noted that an increase of 36% was recorded as regards the number of newly filed sales documents compared to the corresponding period last year and a 26% rise compared to 2019, before the pandemic.

He said that foreign investments in the last four months of 2022 show an increase of 100%, compared to the corresponding period the previous year. As far as unemployment in the construction sector is concerned, the President said that in 2013 it reached 37.1%, while in 2021 it was reduced to 6.2%.

Furthermore, he said that in addition to tax, urban planning and other incentives, additional measures were adopted which also brought about many benefits. He referred i.a. to the new “simplified and flexible” planning permission policy that is based on a modern legislative framework, to the rapid process of licensing of strategic investment projects and the further facilitation of business activities of Cypriots and foreign nationals.

“The most important is that the momentum we have created is strengthened by the perspectives and plans we included in the “Cyprus-Tomorrow” Plan”, the President said, noting that the plan amounts to 4.4 million euro and that through its 58 actions and new reforms “we will create an even more modern, European state.”

Referring to the State Architecture Awards, he said that during the past 30 years, many excellent examples of the work of Cypriot architects have been highlighted “as a result of the strong dynamic that the sector has developed”.

Source: Cyprus News Agency