Moscow hopes long-lasting historic relations with Cyprus will be saved despite harm because of EU sanctions

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlines the long-standing historical relations with Cyprus and hopes that these bilateral relations and the prospect will be saved, despite the serious harm caused following the EU sanctions against Russia.


The Ministry issued a press release on the occasion of Cyprus’ independence and it underlines that Russia consistently supported the struggle of the Cypriot people for their independence from British colonial rule and it was among the first to recognize the independence of the Republic of Cyprus.


It is noted that in August 1960 the two countries established diplomatic relations and soon a Soviet diplomatic mission operated on the island.


The Russian Ministry also underlines the bilateral cooperation in a variety of fields.


It notes in addition that the EU “illegal, restrictive measures against Russia are currently seriously damaging our cooperation.”


Nevertheless, it adds, we are convinced that the long-term bonds of friendship which connect the peoples of our countries, will allow, “if there is, of course, a mutual will”, to protect the prospect of the bilateral relations.


Source: Cyprus News Agency