Memorial in Nicosia to pay tribute to 1974 prisoners of war, Presidential Commissioner says

Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou said that records from the Red Cross show that in the summer of 1974, following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, a total of 2,647 Greek Cypriots, most of whom were civilians, were captured and about half of them were taken to prisons in Turkey.

Photiou delivered a speech on Thursday, in Nicosia, during an award ceremony of the prize winners in the art competition for the construction of a 1974 Prisoners of War Memorial.

He said that Cyprus is still experiencing the tragic consequences of the Greek junta-instigated coup betrayal that brought about the destruction by the Turkish army, the loss and disappearance of thousands of lives, the capture of others, the refugees and the occupation of 37.5% of our land.

The Commissioner said that while continuing the effort to solve the humanitarian issue of missing persons, we are faced with Turkish aggression, as it has extended throughout the Eastern Mediterranean region and beyond.

He said that Turkey’s revisionism and aggressive blackmailing tactics will not end our efforts nor will it bend our will to justify the sacrifice of all our heroes.

Photiou said that the construction of the memorial is a tribute to our compatriots who lived through the hell of the war, having been captured as prisoners on the battlefields or as civilians and faced the barbarity and ferocity of the Turkish army.

The monument will be constructed near Ledra Palace crossing point.

First prize in the competition was given to Christos Hadjichristou and Kyriakos Miltiadous.

Source: Cyprus News Agency