Members of the EU High Level Network on Returns to convey the problem of migration flows in Cyprus to the EU

The real dimension and the source of the problem of migration flows in the Republic of Cyprus, which is the UN Buffer Zone, will be conveyed to the EU and to the member states by the members of the EU High Level Network on Returns.

The members of the Network, accompanied by the Director of the Office of the Minister of the Interior, Loizos Michael, visited on Friday the Buffer Zone in the old city of Nicosia.

“We had the opportunity today to tour colleagues from the 27 EU member states, comprising the high-level network on Returns to see the source of the migration problem in Cyprus, which is the Green Line, through which we receive 95% of illegal entries every year”, said Michael on the sidelines of the visit.

He said that the Republic of Cyprus was praised both by the European Commission and EU member states for the number of returns of immigrants.

Michael said that today they explained to the members of the Network from the EU member states that the 18.5 thousand irregular immigrants who came from the Turkish-occupied areas through the Green Line this year are straining the country’s asylum system.

He pointed out that for this reason the efforts made by the Ministry of the Interior to strengthen the field of returns are bringing results, noting that Cyprus managed to return approximately 7 thousand immigrants until today.

Source: Cyprus News Agency