Meloni on migrant decree ruling ‘prelude to subversion’-PD

Premier Giorgia Meloni’s saying she was stunned by a Catania judge’s ruling striking down the government’s migrant decree is the prelude to subversion, centre-left opposition Democratic Party (PD) Senate Whip Francesco Boccia said Monday.

“I’m flabbergasted,” he said.

“I thought the premier’s words were a fake.

“They show an impatience with the third-party nature of the judiciary and a confirmation of how much this right-wing has no respect for the Constitution, which they in fact want to change.

“I didn’t think she would do a (righting anti-migrant League leader Matteo) Salvini thing.

“One expects the Constitution to be kicked and trampled on by (Deputy Premier and Transport Minister, and former hardline anti-migrant interior minister) Salvini.

“Even if a person with this profile is not a vice-premier.

“Meloni’s words match those of Salvini yesterday who said we will intervene in the judiciary. This is the antechamber of subversion.”

Source: Ansa News Agency