Italy delivers technical equipment to Cyprus for Amalthea aid to Gaza

The government of Italy delivered on Tuesday radiodiagnostic equipment that will be used in the context of the checks carried out for the dispatch of humanitarian aid from Cyprus to Gaza, through the humanitarian maritime corridor Amalthea, an initiative of the Republic of Cyprus. The equipment was delivered to the Customs Department of Cyprus.

Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Theodoros Gotsis said at the event that took place at the port of Larnaka, that the delivery of the equipment was possible with the support of the European Civil Protection Mechanism of DG Echo.

“It is a very important contribution on behalf of Italy to the effort of the Republic of Cyprus, through the implementation of the Amalthea Plan to provide humanitarian aid to the population of Gaza,” Gotsis noted adding that the effort will continue. He pointed out the importance of the support from regional partners and EU partners.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Spokesperson thanked the Italian Republic saying that “we are committed to cont
inuing the joint effort to support the population in Gaza.”

Ambassador of Italy to Cyprus, Federica Ferrari Bravo, said that the contribution by the Italian Government, is within the framework of the “Food for Gaza” initiative that was launched by Minister of Foreign Affairs in Italy to heal the suffering of the population in Gaza.

“We have joined efforts with Cyprus and other UN Agencies and Echo, in order to provide some technical equipment which was absolutely necessary to expedite the procedure for taking food for the people in Gaza and food for the livestock as well,” she said.

She noted that “as the Italian Ambassador I am very pleased and proud that my government has reacted promptly to the request of the international community to support Gaza but also to the Amalthea initiative that was launched in Cyprus.”

Again, the Ambassador said, “a very positive step in our bilateral relation and a new chapter of cooperation between our two countries.”

Theodora Demetriou, Director of the Customs Department
of Cyprus, thanked the government of Italy and the Customs of Italy for their contribution. Responding to questions, she said that packages with humanitarian aid depart weekly for Gaza by ships and it takes about two days to finish loading on each ship.

At the initial stage, she said, there were some problems, adding however that they were very quickly resolved.

Demetriou noted that they expect in Cyprus a very large cargo which will be transported to the various ships to end up in Gaza.

She also praised the work of all those who work for the initiative.

“Many people work for the missions in Gaza, a lot of Services are involved, there are also various organizations that promote the flow of goods to the Republic of Cyprus in order to enable the implementation of the humanitarian corridor,” she concluded.

Source: Cyprus News Agency