Foreign Ministry and Cyprus University of Technology sign agreement for scholarships to third-country students

Cyprus’ Foreign Ministry on Friday signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Limassol-based University of Technology (CUT) for scholarships in postgraduate programmes to students from third countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ioannis Kasoulides, who signed the Memorandum together with the Rector of CUT, Panayiotis Zaphiris, noted the importance of such collaborations as “on the one hand, they contribute to the strengthening of the bilateral relations of the Republic of Cyprus and on the other hand, they promote internationally the academic institutions and the image of our country as a centre of high-level studies”.

For next year, he said, they have designated scholarships for students from Gambia, Guyana, Libya and the Palestinian Authority. Five scholarships totaling €45,000 euros, meaning €9,000 for each student, will be awarded annually. The Memorandum covers the two-year period, 2023-2024.

Zaphiris thanked the Minister and his Ministry staff for the cooperation, and noted that, these scholarships will help the university in its efforts to attract students from third countries.

In recent years, he said, they have been exerting great effort to make the university an international one, adding that they have also joined the “European universities” initiative that brings together universities in Europe to work together to offer joint study programmes.

Source: Cyprus News Agency