Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy inaugurates smart and digital projects in Paphos

Six smart and digital city projects implemented by the Municipality of Paphos were inaugurated on Thursday by Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Kyriakos Kokkinos.

The projects concern the implementation and maintenance of the LoRaWAN Network, the smart parking management system (Smart Parking), and the development and maintenance of a geographic information system (GIS).

They also include the installation and management of Smart Street Lighting, Smart Poles and the creation of a Datacenter.

Inaugurating the projects, Kokkinos said Paphos is a place where history, culture, technology and values coexist on a canvas that is constantly enriched with new projects under the guidance of the Mayor of Paphos and the municipal council.

Kokkinos said that the State supported this effort from the first moment.

He further underlined that there is an action plan for the transition of Cyprus to the digital age and in recent years steps have been taken.

Paphos Mayor Phedonas Phedonos said these kind of projects make the citizens life easier and similar projects will be carried out soon for the Water board and meter measuring.

The final aim, he added, is for Paphos to have at least 30 different smart systems making it a completely digitalized city.

Speaking during the presentation of the Smart and Digital City projects event organized by the municipality the deputy Minister of Research, described Paphos as a model city not only in innovation.

He congratulated the mayor for the innovative actions and projects he has promoted and implemented. Kokkinos noted that technology helps the people adding that Cyprus has all the capabilities to transform into a smart innovative island.

On his part, Phedonos said technology offers infinite possibilities and that he realized very early on that a city in order to survive, progress and stand out at a time when the economy and technology are moving at unimaginable speeds needs to implement a wide range of projects worth several millions. He also said these smart projects helped Paphos be named the European capital of Smart Tourism for 2023.

Inaugurating on Thursday the Paphos Citizens’ Service Bureau, located in the parking area of the “Stelios Kyriakides” Stadium, Kokkinos said the use of technology is a weapon in the hands of citizens, municipal authorities and the State.

He also said the state supports such innovative initiatives, adding when local government is willing and has the right leadership, it can work faster than the state. He also said he was impressed with the simplicity of the building.

Regarding the unification of the various databases, the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy said that there is a plan to unify all data to create a unique point where citizens’ data have been registered once, and there is no need for the citizen to be inconvenienced for things that the State itself has in its hands.

The citizens’ bureaus, said Kokkinos, is an interim solution until full digitalization occurs.

Paphos Mayor Fedonas Fedonos said the opening of the bureau, serves the public and will also host services which are part of the Paphos Sewage Council.

The public can pay bills, taxes, fines, receive certifications and town planning permits as well as other services.

Source: Cyprus News Agency