Decision to promote vaccination against COVID with a focus on people over 60, says Cyprus’ Health Minister

To promote vaccinations, focusing on people over the age of 60 and especially people in closed structures and nursing homes, was among the decisions made at the latest meeting with the Scientific Advisory Committee on coronavirus, Cyprus’ Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela, said on Wednesday.

“Recently, there has been an increase in cases and hospitalisations,”, the Minister said after the meeting during which the country’s epidemiological outlook was examined.

He also said that it was decided to start the vaccination programme in mountain communities, where there was quite a bit of success last year, as he said, in villages like Pachna and Palaichori, as well as to send a newsletter to personal doctors about antiviral drugs which, “do not seem to be administered in time”.

He also said that GPs will be informed so that they, in their turn, can inform their patients over 60 as well as patients who are in vulnerable groups of the population that they should be vaccinated with the fourth dose, to prevent more hospitalisations.

Hadjipantela said that his Ministry monitors the situation daily and were “not complacent”, and called on everyone to observe the hygiene measures and to get vaccinated with the fourth dose against coronavirus.

Speaking on behalf of the Scientific Advisory Committee, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Cyprus, George Nikolopoulos, said there was “no need to panic”, but that vigilance was needed.

Source: Cyprus News Agency