Cyprus reports 3 deaths and 2,821 new COVID cases between 21-27 October

Cyprus Health Ministry on Friday announced that between 21-27 October 3 deaths due to COVID and 2,821 new cases were reported.


The deceased are a female 82 years old who passed away October 20, a female 87 years of age who died on October 23 and a 90 year old male who passed away on October 26.


The total deaths due to COVID are 1,194. The Ministry said that 59 patients are getting treatment in hospital and 8 are in a serious condition (4 in an ICU and 4 in an ACU). Moreover, 4 patients who are no longer infectious, are intubated in an ICU.


A total of 64,528 tests were carried out and the positivity rate stands at 4.37%. Of the tests, 2,136 were PCR and 169 cases were detected (positivity rate 7.91%) while the Rapid Tests were 62,392 and 2,652 cases were reported (PR 4.25%).


On private initiative the PCR tests were 1,767 and 100 cases were detected (PR 5.66%), and the rapid tests were 41,956 and 2,469 cases were detected (PR 5.88%).


Via the Health Ministry’s program a total of 20,436 rapid tests were carried out and 183 cases were reported while in testing spots the tests were 10,576 and 105 tests came back positive (PR 0.99%).


In primary schools and high schools no cases were reported from 425 and 578 tests respectively.


In special schools 328 tests were carried out and 2 cases were detected (PR 0.61%).


In the army no cases were reported from a total of 229 tests while in nursing homes 44 cases were detected in 4,913 tests. In closed units a total of 3,387 tests were carried out and 32 cases were reported (PR 0.94%).


Source: Cyprus News Agency