Cyprus Department of Meteorology – Forecast For the Sea Area of Cyprus (C)

FOR THE PERIOD FROM 1800 16/07/2022 UNTIL 1800 17/07/2022

Area covered is 8 kilometers seawards.

Winds are in BEAUFORT scale. Times are local times.

Atmospheric pressure at the time of issue: 1004hPa (hectopascal)

Seasonal low pressure is affecting the area. The weather will be mainly fine, but overnight and during dawn increased low cloud may form, especially overthe west coast. Risk of local mist during dawn.

Visibility: Good, but moderate to poor in mist

Sea surface temperature: 25°C

Warnings: NIL


West Coast

NightWest to Northwest 3 to 4, later near the coast Northeast to Northwest 3Slight

MorningNorthwest 3, locally 3 to 4Slight

AfternoonSouthwest to Northwest 3 to 4, at times locally 4Slight

South Coast

NightSouthwest to Northwest 3 to 4, gradually 3Slight, gradually Smooth to Slight

MorningVariable 3Smooth to Slight

AfternoonSouthwest 4Slight

East Coast

NightWest to Northwest 3, locally at first Southwest to West 3 to 4Smooth to Slight, locally at first Slight

MorningVariable 2 to 3Smooth to Slight

AfternoonSouthwest 3 to 4Slight

North Coast

NightSouth to Southwest 3 to 4, later near the coast Southeast to Southwest 3Slight, later near the coast Smooth to Slight

MorningVariable 3, later Southwest to West 3 to 4Smooth to Slight, later Slight

AfternoonSouthwest to West 3 to 4Slight

Source: Cyprus News Agency