Cyprus criminal justice system ranks 18th worldwide

The Cyprus criminal justice system ranks 18th worldwide according to the 2022 results announced Wednesday of the international organisation World Justice Project.


The report covers issues related to the rule of law like lack of corruption and adverse discrimination, absence of government interventions, correct and fair justice etc. A total of 140 countries were evaluated, including Cyprus, which was ranked, based on the total criteria, 28th, as it was the case in 2021.


In a press release the Supreme Court describes as a success the fact that the ranking of the criminal justice system of Cyprus from 20th place in 2021 went up to the 18th place in 2022.


In terms of civil justice (lawsuits), Cyprus was ranked 38th compared to 36th in 2021. The press release says that this demonstrates once again the need for reforms and changes which are being promoted by the Supreme Court in cooperation with the executive power, the House of Representatives and the Cyprus Bar Association, to deal with the large volume of old cases that have accumulated causing delays.


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Source: Cyprus News Agency