Cyprus and Armenia explore new areas of cooperation, Presidential Commissioner tells Global Armenian Diaspora Summit

Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou stressed the “brotherly relations” between Cyprus, Greece and Armenia, while addressing the Global Armenian Summit on Diaspora Issues, held in Yerevan. He said the summit “provides a unique opportunity for all participants to hold productive discussions and identify ways and means for discussing challenges and problems of universal importance for Diaspora Representatives and their local counterparts.” He also said that with Armenia they are exploring new areas of cooperation, to complement the existing one.


“The trilateral cooperation among Cyprus, Greece and Armenia is the reflection of our countries’ long-standing and brotherly relations. The tangible results of our cooperation, always serve the benefit of the people of our countries and are encouraging us to seek further joint planning, actions and strategies”, Photiou pointed out.


He also said that “we wholeheartedly cherish the evolving political cooperation and the subsequently closer, mutually beneficial, ties’ between the three countries.”


“While the past legacy of the Armenians of Cyprus are the best ambassadors of Cyprus–Armenia relations, we are currently seeking to complement this legacy by exploring new areas of cooperation”, the Presidential Commissioner emphasised, adding that Cyprus has around 4,000 Armenians, which are “an indispensable part” of its society.


“The organised Diaspora of our countries has proved in the past how powerful and influential they can be. Their energy, means and vision could become powerful assets for their respective homelands”, stated Photiou.


He further added that “on 24th of June, we signed in Patras a Trilateral MOU on Diaspora related issues”, which “further strengthens and deepens the cooperation between Cyprus, Greece and Armenia.”


“Yesterday, we agreed to further develop cooperation through the implementation of specific initiatives involving the diaspora, with emphasis on youth, business, and initiatives in France, UK, USA and Australia”, the Presidential Commissioner said.


He went on to say that “the three sides stressed the necessity to appeal to their Diaspora communities in the different countries around the world to cooperate with each other.”


In concluding, Photiou highlighted “the importance of the active participation of the expatriate youth as one of the top priorities of our common strategy.”


Source: Cyprus News Agency