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Brexit preparedness: Commission intensifies “no-deal” customs preparedness outreach to EU businesses

The European Commission has today stepped up its no-deal outreach to EU businesses in the area of customs and indirect taxation such as VAT, given the risk that the United Kingdom may leave the EU on 30 March this year

CYPRUS: Nearly 3,500 drivers reported for speeding in one week

Around 500 drivers a day were reported in a Cyprus police anti-speeding campaign, during the crackdown 3,453 drivers received speeding tickets between February 11-17.According to police many of those drivers were found to be travelling at twice the spe...

CYPRUS: Assets managed by supervised investment funds rise to EUR 6.3 bln

Fund management companies and undertakings of collective investments (UCIs) under supervision of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) increased to 174 in Q4 2018 while total assets under management rose 10.5% to Euros 6.3 bln from Euro...

HEALTH: Cyprus above EU average for neglecting child dental care

Cyprus paints a mixed picture when it comes to meeting the health needs of children with only 1.4% of minors under 16 having their medical needs not treated but when it came to neglected dental care it was above the

SOCIETY: Cyprus among top three for most marriages in the EU

There's a big chance that more people in Cyprus will be popping the question this Valentine's as the Island of Love hosts more marriages per population than most EU countries. In 2017, European Union countries with the highest number of

CYPRUS: Twelve years on and no speed cameras in sight

Twelve years have passed since Cyprus dismantled its national speed camera network but reintroducing them on the island's roads to prevent carnage has proven difficult. The cameras were first introduced in 2007 but technical and legal issues forced th...