President inaugurates projects in Pafos saying he leaves satisfied that government strengthened development prospects of towns

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has said that soon he will hand over the government being satisfied with the fact that the policies adopted by the government and the projects implemented with close cooperation with the local administrations, have strengthened the economic, social, rural, cultural and tourism development prospects of towns, municipalities and communities in mountainous and outermost regions.

The President, who made a tour in the Pafos district where he inaugurated a series of projects in many communities, made the above statements during a visit to the municipality of Polis Chrysochous, where he inaugurated the Multifunctional Centre for the Elderly “Eleousa tou Kykkou”, the pedestrian/bicycle road from Polis Chrysochous to Latsi, the project for the construction of ten breakwaters in the sea area of the Chrysochou Bay and the Phase B of the Coastal Promenade (“Thalassa” Multifunctional Park).

In his speech in Polis Chrysochous, the President of the Republic said that the government’s development projects have been extended throughout the whole area of Chrysochou, with the completion or launch of 20 projects in the communities at a cost of 17 million euros.

He added that 141 projects with a total cost of more than 339 million euros have been completed or are in the process of being implemented in the municipalities and communities of the Pafos district.

President Anastasiades stated that Polis Chrysochous, through the important projects of substantial upgrading of the infrastructure and the services provided, has become a modern and functional Municipality for the benefit of its residents and visitors.

He pointed out that the prospects for even greater economic, cultural and social development have been created for the benefit of the residents, noting that the construction of the new Paphos – Polis Chrysochous highway also falls into this context.

The President said that the highway is one of the biggest development projects of the last decades.

He added that the first phase of the highway has a total budget of 83 million euro and said that the road will not only facilitate accessibility, it will offer new perspectives, upgrade the lives of the residents, while the Municipality can become an attractive place of permanent living and activity for new families, young investors and entrepreneurs, but also a dynamic tourism development.

The President also referred to another important project, the expansion of the port of Latsi, at a cost of more than 45 million euro, with the creation of 350 new berths and anchorages, even for cruise ships. He noted that the tender is in progress, and expressed hope that the project will become a reality as soon as possible.

Mayor of Polis Chrysochous Yiotis Papachristofis described the day as a milestone for the Municipality and also announced that in 2023, the implementation of another four major development projects will begin, which are co-financed by European Programs and national resources of a cost of five million euro which include ia the creation of sidewalks, the beautification of facades, the construction of squares as well as the traffic management of streets.

Later on, the President inaugurated the Cultural Centre of Pegeia, in Pafos. In his speech, President Anastasiades pledged that the reform of local administration will provide more opportunities while conditions will be created to address problems and promote overall development in the area.

He praised the local government for their determination to upgrade Pegeia adding that he feels proud that with only a few weeks left in his term as president, he sees a big difference from the Cyprus of 2013 to the Cyprus of 2023, adding that photographs depict the improvement over the last ten years.

The President said the cost for improving and renovating the current project is estimated to be 1,860,000 euros, and other significant projects of the local government are also in the pipeline, with a total budget of 6,500,000 euros. These include the improvement of Michalakis Kyprianou Avenue and the construction of a seaside promenade, as well as a study for the construction of wave breakers in the Askos area.

Regarding the Akamas Master Plan, he said he has met the community leaders of the area, adding “we do not disregard their rights as a result of the binding provisions of the report which deprives them of their rights”.

President Anastasiades referred to finding a balance between respect for the environment and the principles imposed by the EU and at the same time taking into consideration the human but also property rights of the residents in particular.

Mayor of Pegeia Marinos Lambrou said that the reacquisition of historical buildings and their utilization for the public interest has been a priority of the Municipality since its establishment.

The President later on laid the foundation stone of the Cultural Village of Lempa, proposing to name it “Cultural Village of Stass Paraskos Lempas”, honoring the artist who founded the School of Fine Arts in the village.

The creation of the cultural village, with a total budget of 4 million euro, among other things, provides for the development of building infrastructures that will form the core of the School of Fine Arts, while the complex of upgraded infrastructures will also have multifunctional facilities, workshops, exhibition halls and accommodation for teachers, students and other artists.

The President expressed confidence that with its completion in 2023, the cultural village in Lempa will help further highlight the hidden dynamics of Cyprus and Lempa, which goes back to earlier, ancient times.

President of the Lempa community, Thoukydides Chrysostomou, said that Lempa has been an important center of culture and creation since ancient times, adding that many artists settled in the village after the Turkish invasion in 1974.

Furthermore, the President laid the foundation stone of the West Coastal Promenade of Pafos. In his speech, he referred to the interest shown by the Government, so that Pafos can “recover the greatness it had during antiquity”.

“With today’s project and after a tour, a farewell tour I must say, in many communities, I am satisfied” he said, noting that if one compares photos from ten years ago, in 2013 with those from today, one realises that during the government’s term in office a lot has changed, “giving another image to Cyprus, the one that we wanted”.

Referring to the project he said it has a cost of 4 million euro, and it adds to the efforts to highlight the archaeological and cultural heritage of Pafos.

Mayor of Pafos Phaedonas Phaedonos, thanked the President for his support to Pafos, and said that the cost of the project of the West Coastal Promenade amounts to 7.4 million euro. The Mayor of Pafos also referred to the creation of a museum dedicated to Apostle Paul.

Source: Cyprus News Agency