Written statement by the President of the Republic Mr Nicos Anastasiades

In response to statements by Mr Akinci, I wish to note the following:

First: Today’s unanimous decision of the National Council not only refutes the claims of the Turkish Cypriot side, but also reiterates our determination to proceed with the dialogue based on the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly and the decisions of the Security Council of the United Nations as well as on the unanimous decisions of the National Council taken at various times.

Second: The manner of the reaction by a segment of the Turkish Cypriot community to a decision for a simple reference to a historical fact cannot be taken as a change of policy, and I will not allow anyone to doubt the sincere intentions of the Greek Cypriot side concerning the effort to reach a solution acceptable by both communities, as it is recorded very clearly at the negotiating table.

Third: If the Turkish Cypriot community shows such sensitivity to a simple reference of a historical fact, then how provocative are to the Greek Cypriot community the celebrations for the anniversary of the Turkish invasion that led to the occupation and imposed the unacceptable current state of affairs? In the same framework, what genuine intention for a solution to the Cyprus problem is comprised by the ceremonies and celebrations for the illegal declaration of the pseudostate which, in essence, embodies nothing but the pursuit of the secession or the partition of Cyprus?

Fourth: I have demonstrated concretely and repeatedly at the negotiating table the genuine and sincere will of the Greek Cypriot community for finding a solution in the framework of all that at times have been agreed at a High Level, as well as for a solution that will not create winners and leave losers behind, with the ultimate aim for it to meet the concerns and expectations of the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots.

I strongly believe that if everyone desires the achievement of the same objective, we have to work with determination while abandoning any pretexts, and in particular any unacceptable claims and preconditions that do not serve the interests of the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots.

Source: Press and Information Office