Written statement by the Deputy Government Spokesman with regard to allegations by the Turkish side

The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, wishes to clarify the following:

At the dinner of 1 December, what was decided between President Anastasiades and Mr Mustafa Ak?nc?, in the presence of the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, and which was subsequently set in writing in the press release that was issued is the following:

o A three-day meeting and negotiations between President Anastasiades and Mr Ak?nc? in Geneva, between 9 and 11 January 2017.

o The submission of maps on the issue of Territory on 11 January, so that subsequently, on 12 January, a Conference on Cyprus to begin, with the participation of the two sides and the three guarantor powers, for the international dimension of the Cyprus problem, Security and Guarantees.

o It is very clear in the press release that other relevant parties shall be invited, according to the needs and the objectives of this Conference.

o Consequently, the presence of the Republic of Cyprus is absolutely necessary as a relevant party, since it regards a Conference which has as an objective also the amendment of international treaties that concern her.

o Equally necessary is the presence of the European Union, in which Cyprus is a member state, as is the presence of the United Nations and the Security Council of the international organisation, which will be called upon, through a strong resolution, to adopt what will possibly be agreed, and subsequently ensure their implementation.

Therefore, any other interpretations do not correspond at all to all that have been agreed at the dinner of 1 December.

Source: Press and Information Office