Written statement by the Deputy Government Spokesman, Mr Victoras Papadopoulos, yesterday

The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, has clearly defined the limits within which he can negotiate; limits which must address the concerns and meet the expectations of the Greek Cypriots.

At this critical and delicate phase that the dialogue has entered, we don’t agree with whatever public positions are expressed by the Turkish Cypriot side as preconditions for the solution of the Cyprus problem and we don’t think that they facilitate either the process underway or the pursued solution, which must be approved by the entire Cyprus people.

The pursued solution cannot derogate from the agreed framework or from the values and principles of the EU, of which the Republic of Cyprus is a member state and will continue to be so after a possible solution.

What we are pointing out to every direction and particularly to the Turkish Cypriot side, is, instead of statements, the need to focus, over the next time period, on the objective of minimizing the existing differences, in order to have a real prospect for success at the conference in Geneva.

Source: Press and Information Office