World Conference of Overseas Cypriots held via teleconference

At the moment, for the first time, public opinion around the world is against Turkey not only for the Cyprus problem and humanitarian issues but also for the handling of refugees, the aggressive behavior against Greece and turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque, President of PSEKA Philip Christopher has said.


In his speech at the World Conference of Overseas Cypriots, PSEKA President noted that we should use this public opinion and called on Cyprus’s President Nicos Anastasiades and Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides to give a plan to all Oversees Cypriots to present it to the world. A plan, he explained, to find a solution to the Cyprus problem which will include hydrocarbons and what we can offer to hostile Turkey, such as a pipeline.


He went on to say that Greece and Cyprus should offer a plan as this is the time for the Cypriot Government to overtake Turkey with a detailed plan to find a solution and not just react to Turkish actions. “Τhis plan should be given to the United Nations, the United States, the EU, Great Britain, Russia and all nations, and give incentives Turkey to want a solution,” he said.


President of POMAK Andreas Papaevripides said in his address that we must realize that Turkey has a plan to revive the Ottoman Empire and the slogan of the `Blue Homeland` is not the only goal.


He noted that the Overseas Cypriots must work in a coordinated and stubborn manner in the countries where they live in so that Erdogan `s dreams never come true.


President of POMAK congratulated the Government and the citizens of Cyprus who with the right measures they took and the discipline they showed managed to successfully address the coronavirus pandemic.


President of NEPOMAK, Christos Tuton, in his speech, referred to the fact that this year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus and remember those who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our country.


“We want to see the continuation of the negotiations, to see a reunited Cyprus, but instead of trying to find a solution, Turkey is carrying out illegal actions in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus and other illegal actions,” he added.


During the Conference, the participants were briefed on the issue of the Government`s energy policy by the Director General of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry Stelios Himonas and by the Minister of Defense Charalambos Petrides on his field of competence.


The proceedings of this year`s Conference were held for the first time without the physical presence of the delegates, via teleconference, due to the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, according to an announcement sent out by PIO.


At the beginning of the Conference, the Presidential Commissioner Photis Photiou welcomed the participants and referred, inter alia, to the creative contribution of the Cypriots of the Diaspora to the development of local communities, to the fact that they at the same time promote our national identity, culture and civilization, thus helping to continue the dynamic presence of Cypriot Hellenism abroad.


Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied its northern third. Turkey has ignored numerous UN resolutions calling for the withdrawal of the Turkish troops and respect of the integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus.


Turkish drill ship “Yavuz” arrived last April in the exclusive economic zone (ΕΕΖ) of Cyprus, after Ankara announced another attempt to drill a well in blocks licensed to European companies. This is the 6th time Turkey attempts to drill within the EEZ and continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus, this time in an area that covers part of exploration blocks 6 and 7, which have been licensed to ENI and TOTAL.


In a statement on May 15, EU Foreign Ministers deplored the fact that Turkey has not yet responded to EU calls to cease such activities and reiterated their call on Ankara to show restraint, refrain from such actions, and respect the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Cyprus, in accordance with international law. EU Foreign Ministers also reaffirmed previous Council and European Council conclusions, notably those of June 2019 and October 2019 on Turkey’s continued illegal activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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