Workshop by EMUTV and Radio EMU

Continuing its operation under the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Rector’s Office EMUTV and Radio EMU held a workshop for students interested in media and broadcasting.

With its expert team EMU TV and Radio EMU have been carrying out successful service in terms of promotional films, advertisements, program production and broadcasting. The EMU TV and Radio EMU team recently held day long training for participating students. Taking place at the EMU TV and Radio EMU studios, students received theoretical information and carried out practical application of Diction and Presenting, Editing and Effect Techniques, Studio Directorship, Sound, Lighting and Camera Usage, Drone Usage and Aerial Filming Techniques and Radio Production.\

EMU TV and Radio EMU director Serkan Sen stated that with free of charge training they aim to inform university students interested in media and broadcasting about topics such as the fundamentals of professional broadcasting / production and broadcasting ethics.

Noting that they will continue to exchange technical and theoretical information Sen stated that their door is always open to university students and people outside of the university who are interested in these topics. Highlighting that their training will continue Sen emphasized that information exchange and public service are a part of their mission.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University