WEATHER: Cyprus wilts under May mini-heatwave

Cyprus is hit by a mini-heatwave with temperatures soaring 9 degrees above average for May to almost touch a sweltering 40 degrees Celsius maximum.

While normal temperatures for the island in May usually around 30, Wednesday saw temperatures rise to a scorching 39.3 degrees Celsius.

The weather service said the higher than average temperatures will continue to grip Cyprus over the next three days, while dust will make a reappearance in the atmosphere but these conditions should retreat by Saturday night.

For Thursday temperatures will rise to around 39 degrees inland, around 33 in the south and east coasts, around 31 on the north coast, around 28 on the west coast and around 27 degrees in the mountains.

Senior weather official Panayiotis Michael predictions the island will likely be hit by another heatwave as from next Tuesday after the heat cools over the weekend.

Cyprus is affected by a warm air mass in the region putting pressure on air masses coming from the sea which is why temperatures are lower and closer to normal on the coast, said Michael.

Source: The Financial Mirror