We want accessible and affordable medication for all, Health Minister says

Cypriot Minister of Health George Pamporidis has spoken in favour of working towards ensuring accessible and affordable medication for all EU citizens.

He was addressing, on Thursday, the inaugural meeting of the Valetta Technical Committee, in Nicosia, a Press and Information Office (PIO) press release issued here today says.

As a Minister of Health, my primary concern is the wellbeing of my country’s patients, just like with your Ministers, Pamboridis noted.

We cannot stand idly by and watch patients go without key innovative medicines due to accessibility and affordability issues, whilst these medicines are available to other patients fortunate enough to reside in member states that are preferred by the pharmaceutical industry,” he pointed out.

That is why, he explained, we raised the issue with Commissioner Andriukaitis, during his visit to Cyprus in February 2016, and reinforced our position in writing in April 2016.

We presented him with the case of inaccessibility and unaffordability of medicines and how the EU market, with regards to these medicines, is in fact segregated, he said.

According to Pamboridis the EU is about solidarity and equality, yet when it comes to innovative medicines, not all EU patients have access to affordable innovative medicines.

My colleagues and I are hopeful that we may eventually reach a point, where we can proudly say that our patients are not disadvantaged by the country where they reside and that all EU patients have equal access to affordable innovative medicines, the Cypriot Minister underlined.

As your country’s experts in the field, Pamboridis said we anticipate that a lasting collaboration between our member states will be established, and the signing of the Valletta Declaration at the Ministerial Meeting in Malta is the birth of this collaboration.

He expressed the hope that by joining forces, we make it clear to the pharmaceutical industry that we will work together to eliminate this unfair phenomenon of a segregated EU market.

Our ultimate goal is to secure innovative medicines that are affordable for our patients and that will ensure the sustainability of our health systems and we will not accept to be at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry, he noted.

Source: Cyprus News Agency