We need to believe in young people, says EP President Tajani

The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said on Friday that we need to believe in young people, through concrete policies in Europe.

He also urged young people to seek for a dream, besides a job, noting that Europe itself is a dream come true.

We need to believe in young people, I believe in young people because I am a father he said addressing an event with young Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, at the EU House, in Nicosia.

Tajani, who is paying an official visit to Cyprus, acknowledged during a debate on the future of Europe, that Europe is not perfect and requires changes. He said however that to change is not to kill. Without Europe, he went on, it is impossible to compete on a global level, to defend our interests and our identity.

Referring to the Cyprus issue, Tajiani said that the position of the European Parliament is clear on that. We want the unity of this country. But we need to respect the UN and EU rules he said.

He added moreover that the EP supports the dialogue between the two communities and is against the presence of the Turkish army in northern Cyprus.

Replying to a question, Tajani said that in case the island reunites in the future as an independent state it is possible to have a member of EP coming from Cyprus and also coming from the Turkish minority, as he called the Turkish Cypriot community.

Asked if it will be possible to elect a Turkish Cypriot MEP under a transnational list, Tajani said the EP is working on this issue, he said however that this will probably not be possible in the next European Parliament elections.

Speaking on the role of the EU in the refugee crisis, Tajani said that countries like Greece or Italy need more solidarity, since this is not a Mediterranean, but a European problem.

Asked about Catalonia, the President of the European Parliament said that diversity can not go against the unity of the state. The Catalan referendum was against the Spanish constitution, he noted and added that retaining the unity of member states in one of the key points in European treaties.

Speaking about the latest developments in Brexit negotiations, he said that after a meeting between Theresa May and Jean Claude Juncker there is an agreement more or less on the three important issues. There are 96 points in this agreement, he added and said that the EP will vote on a resolution next week, ahead of the European Council.

Speaking on the continent’s relations with its immediate neighborhood, Tajani said that in order for Europe to assume a leading role, it must change. It would be a mistake to leave the Middle East and Africa in the hands of Americans, Russians and the Chinese, he said.

He acknowledged, finally that there is some distance between European institutions and European citizens and said that his role is to reduce this distance ahead of the EP elections in 2019.

He urged finally young people to turn towards research, tourism, and the digital technology and said that we must invest more in education and innovation to stop young people from migrating to countries outside Europe.

Source: Cyprus News Agency