We do not have the right to fail in the new strategy to fight cancer, Commissioner Kyriakides says

European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, has briefed Cyprus’ House of Representatives’ plenary on the public debate for a new European strategy to prevent and treat cancer, expressing satisfaction that the debate on a national level began at the House. In this context, she pointed out that we do not have the right to fail.

Kyriakides said that the fight against cancer has been included in the Commission’s 100-day programme, noting that the only way to effectively fight cancer was to upgrade it to a joint European priority, vision and aim.

The Cypriot Commissioner said that the public debate began on February 4, with a special ceremony at the European Parliament, adding that there was hard work for the next nine months to agree on a joint plan to address the issue.

She said the European Beating Cancer Plan has to do with prevention, research, a new data strategy, access to treatment, and rehabilitation.

President of the House Demetris Syllouris, who Kyriakides met earlier, said facing the challenges in an effective manner called for a holistic approach and incorporating it in all national and European policies.

He thanked Kyriakides for her presence at the plenary and pointed out that much could be achieved through coordinated effort.

Source: Cyprus News Agency