We are gradually returning to normality, Cyprus Education Minister says

Cyprus’ Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Minister ProdromosProdromou has said that there is a gradual return to normality, as primary and high-school students returned to their classrooms on Thursday, after staying at home for over two months due to measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We have earned this opportunity to be able, gradually and carefully, to reactivate education,” Prodromou said in statements at the 2nd elementary school of Egkomi, Nicosia.


He also said that most children had returned to school and that teachers would be conveying to them the necessary knowledge on protective measures which will be in place, noting that that the schools will be offering a valuable service for families and the society as a whole by teaching children how to best protect themselves.


Teaching will also begin from next week onward, Prodromou said, adding that some of the time lost will be regained and that from the beginning of the next school year an effort would be made to make up for the rest of this year’s educational losses.


Prodromou also said that testing is ongoing in schools across Cyprus, adding that results will be passed to an advisory group of scientists and that the situation will be continuously monitored.


“All together, Cyprus as a country, we have earned this possibility to slowly return to normality,” he stressed.


The Education Minister said he understands that parents are worried and said that the government is vigilant so that rules can be upheld.


If we abide by the advice of experts and protocols in place are implemented in the schools, I think everything will go well, he added.


Source: Cyprus News Agency

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