We are determined to negotiate for a solution that will be accepted by both communities, Anastasiades says

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades has said that he will go to Switzerland to attend the Conference on Cyprus with determination to negotiate, with a view to achieve a solution that will be accepted by both communities.

In statements to the media on Sunday, and invited to comment on the view of the Turkish Cypriot side that the position in favour of abolishing guarantees and for zero troops in Cyprus will lead to the collapse of the dialogue, Anastasiades said that all sides must show self-restraint in view of the fact that the dialogue will take place at a specific venue, during specific days.

What everyone must bear in mind is that any solution must be based on the international law, the safeguarding of the full independence of an EU and UN member state and therefore I consider that any preconditions do not help what we are pursuing, he added, according to a press release issued by the Presidency of the Republic.

He said that it is not possible to put forward any such preconditions, which on one hand address the issues for which the Turkish Cypriots are allegedly concerned and on the other hand ignore the concerns raised at the Greek Cypriot community.

Asked what he expects from the meeting between the Prime Ministers of Greece and Turkey, AlexisTsipras and Binali Yildirim, Anastasiades wished that the meeting will be creative.

Invited to say if the meeting in Switzerland will be open-ended, he noted that everyone participating in the Conference must show determination and good will through concrete actions, particularly those who mostly bear the responsibility for crucial issues as guarantees, security, territorial adjustments etc. “If there is good will there will be a favourable outcome,” he added.

He went on to say that “we are going there with determination to negotiate with a view to achieve a settlement that can be accepted by both communities, on the basis of a series of alternative proposals which can satisfy everyones security sentiment.”

Asked if the issue of guarantees will be the first to be discussed, Anastasiades said the Conference on Cyprus cannot address the internal aspects of the Cyprus problem but only the issues which concern the participants, which are the guarantor powers, the two communities, the Republic of Cyprus and the EU.

He added that the negotiations will begin on June 28 with the Conference on Cyprus and will focus on the issues of guarantees, security and the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation army.

Asked if the other chapters of the negotiations will be discussed on this day as well, he replied: “Of course not.”

Source: Cyprus News Agency